2014 SWUG Conference guest speaker Steve Gurney

Steve Gurney is an Adventurer, an Inventor, and a Motivator. Ex-Professional adventure athlete, turned professional motivational speaker. Won the Coast to Coast a record nine times.

Raced mountain bikes for NZ at the world champs twice. Got an engineering degree. Invented a bike with wings. Poisoned by bat dung while racing in Borneo jungles.
Nearly died. Fought back to win the Coast to Coast 7 times more in a row. First cheeky nudist on NZ breakfast TV (did you choke on your Weetbix? ) Waxed his entire body for Dancing with the Stars. Awarded an MNZM gong for services to Endurance sport. World record crossing of the searing Sahara desert by wind-power. He’s spilled his thoughts and stories onto paper with 2 books: Lucky legs an autobiography, and Eating Dirt, adventure stories about managing risk.

Steve’s trained as a trainer in the field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and incorporates some of this powerful research into his coaching, writing and speaking. He loves inspiring people to greater heights and loves teaching how to make mole-hills out of mountains. (Steve’s next mission is another 30-day kite-buggying world record up the Skeleton Coast of Namibia! )