2014 SWUG Photo Album

Otago Daily Times Plant Tour

ODT flagship print site was the hostsite for the 2014 SWUG Conference.

The Goss Universal HT70 press was installed into a new press building in 1997. It was commissioned and printed its first publication on February 25 1998. The press configuration was 4 X four high towers with one J 2:3:3 jaw folder with skip slitter and a quarter fold. A ribbon deck was installed above the upper former. The press was equipped with 5 Megtec auto splicers. In 2004 we added the extra J2:3:3 shaftless folder and a new ferag TTR pick-up.

In 2006, we added a further 1 and a half towers and a further two reel stands. The press can print 40 BS pages in full colour with a further 16 B&W pages from the half tower giving a total product size of 56 BS pages in collect.

Our normal Saturday edition is 112 plus pages these days so we preprint two sections and collate through the Ferag inserting drum. We print the ODT, and the Southland Times 6 days per week on the night shift, and 22 other tab and BS publications during the day.