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Seminars 2012

The Drupa Experience

The enormity of attending the world’s largest print exhibition, Drupa at Dusseldorf in Germany, was described in detail by several speakers who gave delegates a round up of the main products and trends which appealed to them.

Lessons in Rollers

Delegates received a master class in roller technology and performance from Böttcher Australia’s Mitch Mulligan.
Looking at how different media interact with press components and how this could be managed better, Mitch said some of the influencers include ink, paper, rollers, blankets and press chemistry. All must work together to get results.

The Keys to H&S Success

Mike Conroy of Fairfax Media took delegates back to the basics of health and safety, asking the question “why is it necessary?” After all, he said, many people regarded it as boring, but that was because they thought it was complicated and irrelevant.