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Seminars 2014

‘Ripper’ Year for manroland

A ‘ripper of a year’ is how John Ostler described manroland Australasia’s year from 2013 to 2014.
Updating delegates on the company’s activities over the last year, John said that in Australia “we have experienced a very busy year with new projects, press relocations and upgrades”.

Inks Can Work for You

Inks aren’t just a means to put words on newsprint – they can be made to perform tasks ‘outside the square’.

In an address called ‘How to Make Ink Work for You’, Steve Packham from DIC Australia gave delegates an insight into how inks can be used in different ways.

Steve Gurney’s Attitude for Winning

Delegates were invited to see into the minds of successful athletes (and other high achievers) by guest speaker, former professional international athlete and nine times coast-to-coast winner Steve Gurney, who shared his own experiences supplemented by research on the subject.

Training Merger Opens New Opportunities

On 1 January 2014 CMITO, the training organisation for the printing industry, merged with Competenz. PrintNZ General Manager Ruth Cobb outlined to conference how the merger had come about and what had happened since.
An Industry Training Review by Government was intended to ensure a more cohesive vocational education system.

The Impact of Rollers and Maintenance on Ink Consumption

Delegates were given a detailed instruction on roller care by Mitch Mulligan of Böttcher Systems.
Mitch said the function of a roller is to break down ink into thin, even film; ensure even and continuous ink transfer; create an ink reservoir to compensate uneven ink uptake by plate/feed from ducts; compensate geometric variances; compensate for damp vibration and control heat build-up.

DomPost Goes Higher

The Dominion Post in Wellington has had to raise the roof in order to make its $20 million plant upgrade work.
The DomPost’s Manuel Letoa gave delegates an overview of the major work being done at the company’s Petone plant in the Hutt Valley.
Part of the plant has had to be demolished, with walls taken out as well as part of the floor, to accommodate the new press coming in from Tullamarine.